We dispatch more than 90% of all (paid) orders within 24 hours to our customers. Thanks to large stock-keeping and clever logistics longer delivery times appear rarely.
We dispatch more than 600 parcels in a month. The goods are packed carfully so that they will arrive save and sound. We are professionals and we work for professionals. For more than 80 years.

Your enquiries and orders

Before placing your order, you can send an enquiry beforehand.  Just contact us and get an offer on demand shortly, including delivery time and freight costs.

Choose from different ways to place your enquries:

  • by phone +49 40 700 170-40
  • by fax +49 40 700 170-10
  • by email
  • or in person in our headquarters with a cup of coffee

If you want to place your order, you are welcome to choose one of the possibilities above or to use this webshop.

Order | What happens next

Promptly after we have received your order we will double check it.  We certainly check if the parts you may have combined are reasonable, too. In case something seems obviously a mistake, we come back to you and re-check (i.e. an order of 2 x 22.5″ front covers and 2 x 19.5″ rear covers).
If everything is clear, you will get a confirmation of order from our ERP/CRM-system with shipping details etc.
After we have received your payment we will dispatch the goods as confirmed.

If you wish to receive the goods later, just give us a note in the online-order-process.

No stock | delay

In case the goods you have ordered are not at stock and it takes longer tahn 10 days to supply you, we get in touch with you.
You can choose then to step back from your order and get the payment back or to get the payment back until we can supply. It is certainly your decision.

Shipment | Supply

If everything goes as regualar, your order is on the way within 24 hours. Carefully packed and well protected in the carton box(es).
After it has left our stock, it is a matter of a few days arrive at your place.
We dispatch with GLS parcel service or – if the goods are too  large / heavy for parcel services – by truck.

Cargo insurance

All shipments from our stock are insured by our cargo insurance.


Upon arrival of your parcel, please open it IMMEDIATLY and check the contents for damage.
In case you find a damage kindly contact us directly in your interest. Only then we can take care of it.
You and we have to proove that the carrier damaged the goods and that the goods were carfully packad.

So, kindly take care as follows:

If the carton box from outside is in such a bad condition that you can be more or less sure that the goods will be damaged, reject the acceptance!

If the packing is damaged, but you think the goods may be o.k., mention it on the carriage note / receipt as “packing damaged”. The best would be to open the packing while the carrier is still there and note on the receipt the damage.

Take photos of the damaged packing and – in case – goods!

Claim | Form

In any case of claims, kindly use our form Claims & Warranty.
There you can upload pictures of damages also.
This form is part of our ISO QM process and absolutely necessary for taking care of the matter on your behalf.

Warranty & Guarantee

As we only sell to commercial customers, the EU R1999/44/EG takes no affect.

We guarantee:

  • 12 months function of all parts in use (except wearing parts)
  • 24 months on LED lights: function
  • 36 months on Jumbo “Plug ‘n’ Shine” wiring systems: function
  • 60 months on chromed stainless steel Jumbo parts
  • 60 months on stainless steel: no rust

In case of any claims and other warranty issues, kindly use our form Claims & Warranty.
After we have received your claim, we will contact you promptly to find a solution to your problem.