WHAT IS Jumbo?

  • Jumbo is the trademark of the Jumbo-Fischer GmbH & Co. KG
  • Jumbo is the oldest european trademark named “Jumbo” – since 1932
  • Jumbo is an european wide protected trademark & design mark
  • Jumbo is Truck-Styling at its finest
  • Jumbo means innovation and high quality

WHO IS Jumbo-Fischer?

  • Jumbo-Fischer is from the start in 1932 until now a family run business
  • Jumbo-Fischer was founded in 1932 in Hamburg by Mr. Dietrich Fischer, the grandfather of Jörgen-Arne Fischer
  • Jumbo-Fischer has two managing directors: Mr. Jörgen-Arne Fischer (HQ Hamburg | Neu Wulmstorf) and Mr. Andreas Klapper (HQ Bünde)
  • Jumbo-Fischer is owned by Mr. Jörgen-Arne Fischer as well as the merchant family Klapper since 2007
  • Jumbo-Fischer is above all a team of dedicated and experienced collegues

WHAT DOES Jumbo-Fischer?

  • Jumbo-Fischer developes automotive parts and truck-styling accessories
  • Jumbo-Fischer produces truck-styling parts
  • Jumbo-Fischer distributes truck accessories throughout Europe

WHERE IS Jumbo-Fischer?

Jumbo has two headquarters in Germany:

  • Headquarter Hamburg | Neu Wulmstorf
  • Headquarter Bünde